Android Termux

How to Use the Linux Command Line on Android With Termux

  Android is a capable operating system, as it offers many apps that approach desktop class. Yet sometimes, it takes a fair bit of effort to accomplish something on Android that would be a snap on a desktop. One solution is to take advantage of...


Hack Your Docker Container

  Secure Docker containers are crucial for your mission-critical services. You might be running your containers using sophisticated orchestrators such as Kubernetes (K8S) in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You might think that you have...

Hack Tools

4 Fundamental Open Source Security Tools

  In the world of cyber security, there are thousands of open source security tools with both defensive and offensive security capabilities that many professionals prefer to assess systems. The following are 4 essential security tools that will...


How To Setup Grafana On Kubernetes

  Grafana is an open-source lightweight dashboard tool. It can be integrated with many data sources like Prometheus, AWS cloud watch, Stackdriver, etc. This tutorial explains the Grafana setup on a Kubernetes cluster. You can create dashboards...


Install and configure Sonarqube on Linux (RHEL/Centos/ec2)

  Sonarqube is a great tool for source code quality management, code analysis etc. This is the most widely used tool for code coverage and analysis. Install and  Configure Sonarqube on Linux This guide will help you to set up and configure...

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