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How to Install Ubuntu Mate on Raspberry Pi 2 or 3

  Introduction Raspberry Pi is designed to run on Raspbian, a Debian-based operating system optimized for these devices. Even though Raspbian comes with more than 30,000 packages and covers most use-cases, power users may find the system...


10 Best Linux Terminal Emulators [2020 Edition]

  Do you prefer terminal emulators over GUI? But there are times when the terminal’s decent styling seems boring. In such cases, you look for more options to customize the terminal just like we do while choosing Linux distros. If that’s the...


Basic Linux Commands

  New Linux converts coming from the Windows world may find working with the command line to be somewhat intimidating. However, it’s not that difficult to use. All you need to get started with the command line is to learn a few basic...


Cat Command in Linux

  The cat command is one of the most widely used commands in Linux. The name of the cat command comes from its functionality to concatenate files. It can read and concatenate files, writing their contents to the standard output. If no...


15 Linux ping command examples for network diagnostics

    Thanks to Linux, we have access to many tools that facilitate networking administration & diagnostics. In this sense, the Linux ping command is one of the most useful tools for sysadmins and network administrators. Its basic...


Grep command in Linux (With Examples)

  In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the very essential grep command in Linux. We’re going to go over why this command is important to master, and how you can utilize it in your everyday tasks at the command line. Let’s dive right in...


15+ examples for Linux cURL command

  In this tutorial, we will cover the cURL command in Linux. Follow along as we guide you through the functions of this powerful utility with examples to help you understand everything it’s capable of. The cURL command is used to download or...


31+ Examples For Sed Linux Command In Text Manipulation

  Today we will talk about a very useful tool for string manipulation called sed or sed Linux command. Sed is used to work with text files like log files, configuration files, and other text files. In this post, we are going to focus on sed...


Getting started with awk, a powerful text-parsing tool

  Awk is a powerful text-parsing tool for Unix and Unix-like systems, but because it has programmed functions that you can use to perform common parsing tasks, it’s also considered a programming language. You probably won’t be...

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